Do you feel, do you hear, do you taste, do you smell, can you really experience what is there that you perceive?

For feellifenow a continuous challenge to experience who we really are, in every moment.

My passion is to guide individuals and groups in this discovery towards self-development, autonomy and experiencing personal freedom through the life of your own and the essence of your authentic design.

In order to properly understand life’s questions and to find out the larger connection within the question, Feellifenow looks at it from different perspectives.

I use different expertises like cognitive techniques, breath work, meditation, voice dialogue, movement and sensory experiences. The goal is to become the best version of yourself, to learn to understand your patterns and to learn to choose life, your life.

Ergens voorbij goed en kwaad ligt een veld en daar wil ik je graag ontmoeten – Rumi

Do you sometimes run into yourself?
Are you experiencing more and more stress?
Do you often fall back into your old patterns?
Do you feel like you can’t get in touch with your feelings?

Have you reached a point in your life where you know what you want and what you don’t want, but you can’t throw your old patterns overboard and change your behavior?
Do you approach situations differently, but you do not yet feel that you are in control of your life?
Do you want to live more consciously, from your own self and be you?

Within all forms of coaching, meditation, breathing, and nature are central for Feellifenow. Your breath reflects how you live. Most of us breathe shallowly and unconsciously. If you pay attention to your breath, you are really in the NOW because you cannot breathe in the past or in the future.

At Feellifenow we coach people to shape their personal, business, spiritual or social life themselves. The attention is always in the personal, who are you, what is your essence and blueprint. As a world, we are moving towards being more aware and want more content and meaning. Together with Feellifenow you can discover this path.

Tariffs 2023

Nature knows the way to self-love, let’s ask for help

For thousands of years, people have used medicinal plants to improve their health and well-being. In cultures around the world, plants referred to as psychedelics have played a central role in healing practices.

In my coaching I give the opportunity to also work with the power of different plants through micro dosing and macro dosing. In this way you can gain more insight into your soul desire. From my own experience with different psychedelics and the impact it has had in my life, I will take you with me and guide you to a deeper inner being and knowing from love and support.

In the coaching I adapt to your personal situation and guide you step by step, day by day through personal, online and chat contact. Your personal growth, your intention and breaking your patterns are also important in this Microdosing coaching. The combination will deepen and accelerate the process and also have a visible influence on your being experienced, vitality and self-love.

Because it is a relatively new field and it is important to have consultations for certain requests for help, I work together with the Microdosing institute To offer the best guidance with your request for help from different expertise and intervention.

Take a deep breath, and another breath, allow yourself to relax

Breathwork: In today’s world we focus on our ego and our heart is often forgotten. The ego demands more and more attention and creates layers around our heart, making us further removed from our essence. What we need is to be able to really feel our heart, your best  counselor.

With breathwork, the layers of the ego transform, making the wisdom of the heart accessible and visible again. Through your breath you connect with your body and the information it gives you. When you really get in touch with your body, it gives you new insights. By consciously following your breathing you set your frozen feelings free.

Do you want to enjoy more breath and space for your heart and see what is coming up?

Let’s breath together !

Witness your mind and go in.

Rest in mind and body is important for your health and gives you more insight into what is going on, and what is needed in your life. By slowing down and resting, you experience more space to see the different options and choices you have. Perhaps a situation requires a different view and approach than you were used to. Often you know and feel that a change is desired, but you experience it as difficult to do things differently in your daily life.

Do you experience stress and are you looking for moments of rest in your life?

Do you get tired of all kinds of thoughts and voices in your head and unrest in your body?

You can’t stop thinking about a person, event, or situation?

Try meditation with me I guide you on your way in. I give you a mirror, possibilities and a listening ear and a tool to help yourself.

Al wat ons in anderen irriteert kan ons iets doen begrijpen over onszelf – Jung

In my team coaching I look at what is really going on and I bring up challenges that were not (yet) visible. I look at what it takes, what wants to be told to create even more as a team and to stay on the common path. Strengthen cooperation and make it more effective as a goal and to ensure that each team member can work on his essence and design from his own strength. In this way we jointly arrive at the most beautiful collaboration creations.

If you want to know more about the companies I work with or have worked with, check out LinkedIn or contact me. 

Tussen het gedruis van alles om ons heen is er een innerlijke stilte waar ik in ieder moment contact mee maak. Want soms raak ook ik de weg kwijt. Verlies jij jezelf weleens? Laat mij je inspireren om terug in verbinding met jezelf te gaan. Met jouw zijn en jouw wijsheid.

The world we live in is often contradictory one thinks this, the other that. Each from his own world perspective. But what about you?

The only thing that helps me is sitting, breathing, becoming still and feel what there is. What lives in me, what is my truth? What choice do I make, what choice is the choice of my heart, my path in life?

The psychological, creative, non-duality and spiritual development of man has fascinated me from an early age. I am always looking to become the best version of myself and live my true potential. I also guide the other in this to discover and investigate how we come to the best version of ourselves. I give words to that what I feel and experience. Creating and living together from our own essence and truth. That’s my favorite move.

I have learned that every conscious choice is a step that adds something valuable, both for yourself and for the other person. I love to support others and myself in this movement and journey of discovery.

My higher goal is to contribute to the awareness of people, the system they live in and what can really be felt. By being transparent about my own development, I encourage others to also take responsibility for the quality of their lives.

De beweging voor de ziel, is wat vrijheid is voor de vogel. Bewegen nodigt de mens uit om te doen waarom we hier zijn: leven. Bewegen is een lokroep als je hem hoort luister dan.

Move so wonderfully so nice, just follow and be. 

It is healthy, reduces stress, makes space, makes your heart pulsate, improves your well-being, and connects with your entire system. Movement creates space where space is needed. Whatever move it is small, big, beautiful, rigid every move has release power in it. We often forget that we were made to move, we increasingly stop ourselves.

Exercise regulates your emotions so that you can slowly and carefully let go of stuck patterns, emotions, and feelings. You activate your body, your muscles, nerves and cells, your entire facia regains its suppleness through movement. Follow your inner movement, give yourself space follow your own movement, your life will become noticeably more flexible and you can release what can be set free.

Feellifenow movement meditation is a form that comes from within, helping you feel, experience, and follow the deepest form of your feel sense. It is expressing your feelings, letting your soul flow from your heart into your body in a passionate movement, not determining but following.

let’s move.

Ceremonies where magic can happen

I have a passion for ceremonies and rituals. Ceremonies bring the sacred into everyday life and my mantra is: “live is a ceremony”.

From ancient times, ceremonies have been used to help communities cope with change. Ceremonies bridge the gap between the so known material worlds and the world of the unseen.

Because we as humans are looking for ways to improve the quality of our lives, there is a huge revival of shamanic work and therefore ceremonies and rituals. In addition to a better quality of life, they also give me the opportunity to be more subservient to the earth and to my own nature.

During Feellifenow ceremonies I open the door of our normal consciousness towards the invisible worlds. The true magic of the work for me is what happens behind all those actions. The deep silence of the emptiness and unseen and there where the creation is.

I also give truffle ceremonies. In truffle ceremonies I use truffles with psilocybin and psilocin as an active psychoactive substance. In contact with the truffle (fungi) you make connection with your subconscious on a deep layer. I guide you in this with guided meditation, breathwork, movement and music. During your journey you meet what lives within you in a different way and you slowly peel off to the deepest core of your being. In this you do not get what you want or what you expect, but what you need.

In the Feellifenow ceremonies I work with a maximum of 3 participants so that there is enough time for everyone’s individual process. Before you start your journey, I guide you towards your intention that you will carry with you throughout the ceremony. I provide a safe and peaceful environment in which the music helps you to embody the work. Because nothing is continuous, every ceremony will also be different.

Are you going on an inner journey together? Then contact me!

De talking stick is een eeuwenoud ritueel een middel voor het voeren van een gesprek met echt aandacht. Wanneer luisteren we nu naar een ander zonder oordeel, met kalmte tijd en begrip? Dat alle ruimte er is om te vertellen en gehoord te worden?

Een talking stick is persoonlijk en vertegenwoordig de symbolen van de eigenaar. De talking stick herinnert de eigenaar eraan om vanuit het hart te spreken.
Bij het maken van je talking stick maak je gebruik van natuurlijke en culturele elementen die bij je passen. Je gebruikt je creativiteit en persoonlijkheid om jouw talking stick vorm te geven.

Door het gebruik van je eigen talking stick word je eraan herinnerd altijd vanuit je gevoel, creativiteit en saamhorigheid deel te nemen aan een cirkel en het gesprek. De talking stick herinnert ons eraan om de mening van de ander te respecteren. Als we naar de wijsheid en lessen van anderen luisteren, kunnen we elkaar beter begrijpen en op een respectvolle manier met elkaar omgaan.

de magie van ’t spreken & luisteren

Speaking from your heart and listening without judgment are key elements during sharings and in the circles of Feellifenow.

Really listening is a challenge. When do we really listen to someone else without judgment, with calmness and understanding?

During the sharing circles a talking stick is used. Due to the equality of all participants, everyone has the chance to speak from their heart while the others really listen. The talking stick helps with this, because clear agreements are made about the use of the talking stick.

Telling from your heart can release emotions. With the talking stick we create a trusted and safe environment to really tell your story from your heart and get all the space you need.

The stories shared during a talking circle can be intense and will probably not leave you unmoved. Agreements are also made about how to deal with this. The talking circle is an intensive but satisfying process in which several layers will be touched and there will be more mutual understanding.

Are you interested and would you like contact or information about one of Feellifenow services, leave your details here or book an intake interview via





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