Artikelen door wieneke


Luisteren   Als ik je vraag naar mij te luisteren en jij begint mij adviezen te geven, dan doe je niet wat ik je vraag.   Als ik je vraag naar mij te lusiteren en jij begint mij te vertellen waarom ik iets niet zo moet voelen als ik voel, dan neem jij mijn gevoelens […]

Listen to your Heart

The Yes of Your Heart When the world feels uncertain, And the future is unclear, Listen closely to your heart, And let your truest yes appear. For within your heart lies wisdom, And a knowing that’s divine, When you listen to its guidance, You’ll find peace and light will shine. Your heart knows what it […]

Voice dialoque

I work with Voice dialogue. This is a therapeutic technique used to explore and understand the different aspects of your personality or psyche. The technique was developed by psychologists Hal Stone and Sidra Stone in the 1970s and is based on the idea that we all have different sub-personalities or “selves” that influence our thoughts, […]

Partner coaching

Partner coaching is a type of coaching that involves working with a partner or spouse to improve the relationship, stop the relationship or achieve shared goals. It can be useful for couples who want to strengthen their communication, deepen their connection, and work through any challenges they may be facing. It typically involves working with […]

Microdosing isn’t a miracle cure

However with the correct approach microdosing can help you gain insight into your patrons and belief system in an engaging way. By combining with coaching, you can tap into a deep understanding of what lies within you. Uncover the hidden insights that want to come out and see the light. It helps you to understand […]

Your inner voices

I am always very curious about people and what moves them. In all the years that I have been a coach I have been able to work with so many beautiful people and explore their internal dialogue, something I do with so much passion. And over the years always talking to my own voices, the […]

Who is your best counselor?

Emotions are physical reactions to your ‘thinking’. So a reaction of the brain to something that happens outside yourself. You register something outside of yourself, then your brain thinks about it. The brain may associate it with an old pattern, stored pain, fear or pleasure. After the reaction of your brain, you experience emotional energy […]

Our body has the wisdom, listen

In my opinion, Our body tells us everything, just breath and listen is one of the most important things that we can do for our personal development. It is a way to connect with our true nature and to find our authentic selves. When we connect with our breath, we connect with our life force, […]

Stress reduce & awareness

Stress reduce & Awareness, ”There are a variety of ways that you can work to reduce stress in your life and get more awareness. One way is to try to incorporate some form of voice dialogue into your daily life.  What is voice dialogue? This means talking with the different voices in your head and […]

Microdosing the why and how

Microdosing is  like a “Microscoop” into your life, what can give you a different perspective of looking at yourself.  It will increase your consciousness and sensory experience. Slow down and let the medicine help you to (re)connect with yourself and nature.  Finding your why. Why will you experience Microdosing get this one clear. Is it […]