Microdosing the why and how

Microdosing is  like a “Microscoop” into your life, what can give you a different perspective of looking at yourself.  It will increase your consciousness and sensory experience. Slow down and let the medicine help you to (re)connect with yourself and nature. 

Finding your why. Why will you experience Microdosing get this one clear. Is it to help you with your depression, is it to enhance your creativity, is it to become more connection to your mind or body, or becoming a better human being. really know your intention.

Also important for me is start small. To really observe how the medicine is impact you, start with a low dose. By starting small you allow yourself to build up a relationship with the medicine. With little steps you can connect better and will get a real connection with the plant, fungi and with nature. 

The third thing is feellifenow by the tools of Stillness, Meditation and Breath. Because often people do not feel and then think it is not working. You have to give the medicine an opportunity to work. The best way to do this is in stillness and slowing down. I recommend to go outside, sit and take some breaths, put off noise and no outside triggers. Just a few minutes so that you can experience and give yourself the opportunity to log out the “rat race”. And really give yourself the opportunity to feel and become present. So that you can feel how the MD is infecting you. I ask you to be still and feel, feel your breath, the fresh air and see how this experience is for you.




Further I advise you to make your own ritual. For example in the morning on an empty stomach and also in this time it is important to take your time. 

Next important thing is Journaling, track and documenting your journey. So write down what you feel to become more and more self aware. Write your feelings, emotions and behaviors. How does it make you feel, are you noticing uncomfortable or more at ease. And really observing your sleep, how was it before and after, how is your fitness and your mental state enz.

And at last implement the practice in your live. MD is not a magic pill how ever MD is a very valuable tool. But the benefits are even more if you al ready prioritizing your fitness, your sleep the way you eat speak enz. It is important that you build other health practicing so you support the MD practice and protocol and you get the best benefit out of this journey.

A lot of people searching and looking for a simple solution, a magic exercise of supplement but if you neglected the other areas it will not have the benefits you really can have with MD. Feel empowered to make the best decision for yourself.  You have so much greatness and divinity inside of you, and often we become a prisoner of our own mind, past feelings emotions, patrons and trauma’s.  I really believe that MD is such an amazing vehicle for helping us free us self from the chain from  the past. Let’s escape the prison of your own mind, thoughts and trauma and thrive with the essence of who you really are. 

With love Wieneke

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